Planting Trees



Partnership highlights

  • We're a recognised charitable company.

  • Our partners commit to planting a tree, or a certain number of trees, for each sale or service provided.

  •  We  commit to planting, nurturing and protecting the trees until they reach maturity.

  • Use of our 'Official Partner' logo, which can displayed on your website, social media and other branding.

Our partners

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The Bearded Persian

Here at The Bearded Persian HQ we are consciously aware of the impact businesses and humans have 
whilst on this earth, we wanted The Bearded Persian to genuinely be a green and ethical company. This 

ethos was established from the very start and used it to guide us through all our business decisions. 


As a company, we have think about our footprint and have endeavoured to ensure we do as little damage and create as little waste as possible in every aspect when producing our products. That’s why are proud to 
shout about our ethical actions,    from vegan inks to composting our waste tea. We believe each decision 

we make during production provides an opportunity to respect our planet and change how business is done. 


We operate a circular bottle system, as glass bottles are designed to be reused and disposed of at the end of there life, however as long as the bottle is not damaged, cracked or broken it lasts practically forever, never wears out and can be recycled perpetually, this makes us happy by reducing our carbon footprint.


We are really happy and proud to be working with The Greener Earth, despite it reducing our overall profits we don’t want to be part of the problem and put profit before the right ethical decision and it means that we can sleep better at night knowing as a company we are doing whats right.


Tranquil Massage Therapy

My name is Jenna and I’m a Massage Therapist based in a beautiful salon in Market Harborough.


I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years and am so passionate about helping people heal their bodies and minds through the power of massage.


It gives me great pleasure to partner with The Greener Earth Project and for every treatment I perform they will plant a tree. 


Hi, we’re Kim and Claire from S*O*A*P based in West Haddon, Northamptonshire.

Partnering with The Greener Earth Project was a no brainier for us, our business was born out of giving back and doing something to help towards saving our amazing planet. See what we did there!  


We produce handmade soaps and choose raw materials that are natural and locally sourced, packaging that can be easily recycled, reused, or composted, and are constantly reevaluating to ensure we meet the highest ethical standards. It’s good to know that from each gift set we sell a tree will be planted. We realise we are not just visitors to our wonderful world but part of it and so each have a responsibility to sustain it.


Charlie Mouse Gifts

At Charlie Mouse Gifts we aim to make gifting easy and affordable for all occasions. 

We stock a wide range of high quality, affordable products for all ages. 

From corporate gifting, personal gifting, event gifts and more, we are here to help. 


Muchy Seeds

Over the last 20 years we have been blending, flavouring and roasting healthy seeds, lightly toasting them to perfection to bring the great taste and delicious health benefits mixed seeds can provide. Over those years we’ve built a great following and opened up the wide and varied world of seed eating to many consumers, bringing joy and wholesome goodness to so many eating occasions – seeds are just SO versatile.


Our packs of seeds are perfect as the ‘third condiment’ kept in the middle of your table to sprinkle and add crunch and flavour to all manner of dishes. They are great for sharing, snacking and baking too.


Running a food business includes pride and care for the planet too. We are the first to admit that until we fully understood the impact our business made we did not realise how much we needed to focus on our commitment to sustainable responsibility. The planet gives us seeds and we need to ensure that we give back, so that generations can enjoy seeds for many millenia to come. By supporting The Greener Earth Project we hope to contribute in a small way to nurturing the planet and growing more trees for a greener earth in the future.

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Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics

Flowers are special and meaningful. They make people smile, spread positivity and are good for mental health, creating happiness and joy. Flowers are often shared for many special occasions and given as gifts to loved ones. But they don’t last forever, I have developed a bespoke way of preserving flowers forever.

I got married in 2017 and made a ceramic wall hanging with flowers from my bouquet impressed into it, which is where the flower preservation idea has developed from. I now absolutely love to preserve other peoples’ wedding bouquets, as well as funeral flowers, other special stems, and flowers that I have picked from my garden or from countryside walks. The flowers can be fresh or dried. I get so much joy from creating such special keepsakes with a story that will last forever. The availability of flowers change as each season progresses, but that is the beauty of incorporating nature with ceramics, no two pieces are ever the same.

Having flowers impressed into clay, and then gently peeled back out from the soft material leaves behind a beautiful organic skeleton. Once the clay is dried, colour is carefully added in the form of a range of ceramic glazes, and then fired in my kiln, bringing the flowers back to life. A handmade ceramic piece is then born and will last forever. My ceramic pieces range from wall hangings, tile splashbacks, vases, coasters, clocks, bowls, tea light houses and more.

My mission is to make so many more people happy by preserving their special bouquets or botanical stems into everlasting, heart-warming keepsakes or gifts.

I am passionate about nature and our environment, and care about giving back to nature. Some of my bespoke pieces come with packs of premium wildflower seeds to help our bees and pollinators, and I am excited to be partnering with The Greener Earth Project to plant lots of trees to help with climate change and where they are needed.